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Something quite important to me is nature. Nature is what surrounds me every day, and is an aspect of my life that will never disappear. Nature is a huge part of helping me adapt to a new environment, and is something that will always be necessary when it comes to bringing myself peace. Specifically, I feel a special importance and a great peace from trees.

As most people know, trees are especially needed for the survival of humans. Trees contain oxygen, and oxygen is a gas that is utilized in the human body. It is crucial for the human b   ody, and trees are the main source in which people take oxygen from. Because trees give off oxygen, it is so important that people emphasize saving paper because recently the umber of trees being cut down is increasing.

When it comes to my personal connection to trees, I often take advantage of the ones surrounding me. Looking at trees reminds me of the beauty that I am able to witness directly in my backyard. I feel such peace from them when I see how flawlessly their leaves blow in the wind, and realize how much I use their oxygen.  I’ve recently noticed how special trees are, for they do everything for themselves. They make their own food, energy, and everything else that is necessary to their life and well-being.

Sometimes, trees can grow upwards of 300 feet, and can be over 70 feet wide. This is so fascinating to me because trees are capable of maintaining a major upkeep all by themselves. From Oaks to Cherry-blossoms, there is an endless list of these amazing organisms that I constantly appreciate.


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    G’day Katie,
    A great post but would be improved more if you had some links to other websites that your readers could visit for more information.


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